Welcome To Your School kindergarten and preschool!

An international environment, with fully qualified teachers/caregivers from all over the world that are trained around globally. Teachers are well versed in many languages including Finnish, Swedish, Spanish and Chinese. Caring, warm, friendly is our motto. To provide a happy, safe place for the children to learn and grow. To enjoy and understand different cultures and people.

Built upon a foundation of the joy of learning at H & S International Ltd.’s playschools. Your School daycare and preschool is located in Espoo, Olari/Lystimäki. Children (ages 1,5 to 6 years) are taught the fun of learning in an English language play based environment. Delicious, freshly cooked meals are catered daily by our very own catering company! A full menu of 3 meals a day, with all special diets and requests that are catered for!

Class numbers are small and intimate, ensuring personalized attention for all children. Paying attention for their individual personalities and needs. Communication is our aim with children and parents. Just like one big happy family! Call us to arrange a visit! We are always happy for a quick chat to show you our facilities, introduce the staff and discuss your and your child’s needs!