”My kids are learning very well since they join Your School. Specially, the younger one, when he joined was 3.5 years old, and wasn’t able to speak english well. We had no idea he would learn so much within first three months he spent at Your School. He is now always singing different English poems and songs, dancing and telling stories. We are really happy at the amount of different activities they have during the week. We are grateful to the teachers for the positive impact they have on our children, and would recommend Your School to any family looking for a high quality English language daycare”

“My child never felt like she is in school, its her second home with friends and caring teachers !!!”

“My two kids loves going to daycare! Very professional in matters dealing with child development, and at the same time caring and empathetic towards the kids. To all the teaching staff, kudos!”

“I would have given Your School more stars if it would have been possible here. Your School teacher/staff works on the overall development of the child and treats each and every single child as a unique identity and formate plans for them so that the child uses his/ her full potential in whatever they do. I would definitely recommend Your School to the parents who are looking for the best English early childhood education center/playschool for their children in Espoo. My daughter loves her teachers more than us, I guess”

“I don’t usually give reviews but this is an exceptional case so I feel like I needed to share it and to commend the school as well. We moved the kids abruptly to this daycare because of some problems and misunderstanding with the previous one. My kids had only been there for less than a month but it felt home the first day they stepped in there. As a mother, I could say I’ve never felt more welcome. The teachers were all so nice, and you could really feel their passion and that what they do is way beyond work. You could feel how much they care about the kids. I’ve also been impressed with the things they learn there, the activities my kids do, and the culture they have. Needless to say, the nightmare we had was immediately replaced with such good memories. I read the reviews before on how parents rave about this daycare. And now I know why. I can honestly say this is the best daycare. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.”

“Amazing intellect, insight and wisdom of the teachers make everyday of children meaningful and cheerful. Both my children are part of this daycare and it’s hard for me to compete with the staff as my kids want to go to daycare even on weekends.”

“Excellent Place for kids to Learn & Play! Your School”

“I feel that the children’s interest comes first at Your school. The teachers do extra effort to do fun and educative things with the kids, and our kids love their teachers. I think the environment is as homely as day care can be.”

“The daycare is just like another home to kids, very friendly and caring atmosphere… have seen a big difference in my kid and I really appreciate that… truely professional, caring, friendly and dedicated teachers staff.”

Your School is simply the best and loveliest international daycare in Espoo -speaking from experience!